Mini Milliner

Mini Milliner

Mini Milliner

The Definitive Guide to Managing a Remote Team

I decided to write this book for several reasons. First, it’s my passion. Online and remote business has been my life for over 15 years now. I’ve built several businesses to several million annually, and in order to do that, you simply can’t do it all yourself.

So I realized very quickly that I needed help if I was going to remain sane.

But there are several problems that arise once you get “help.”

In many cases, it’s actually the beginning of the downfall of the business.

This book is going to help you avoid that, by teaching you exactly what you need to do to successfully manage a remote team.

Why I chose remote and never looked back
I’ll never have an office again and I am proud of it. I can absolutely do everything virtually that a company can do in an office.

That includes running a leaner business that is more profitable, and enjoying my life more without an “office.”

Hubstaff is not alone in this. According to a workplace survey, only 30% of those surveyed rely completely on local talent.

The remaining companies surveyed rely on virtual and remote talent to get more done. This is a good indicator of the productivity benefits of remote teams.

Since starting my first remote business, I’ve developed a ton of systems and processes for managing teams online and increasing productivity. This book is going to share them with you, and the theories behind them. I’m going to outline a step-by-step process that will not always be easy to follow, but it will save your business from many tough situations.

There are several times in this book, that you will probably disagree with me. There are several times where I’ll probably sound too harsh or uncaring, but what you are getting is my raw, uncut experiences.

Welcome to the world of outsourcing and virtual teams. Prepare to toughen up… This is not an easy gig. No excuses. That goes for everyone on the team.