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11 of the Best Remote Work Software Options

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen remote work ramp up as companies encourage their teams to work from home and limit the spread of COVID-19.

However, even before this pandemic, remote work was rising in popularity. A survey of 2,500 remote workers found that 99% want to work remotely for the rest of their careers.

When you’re managing a remote team, whether just temporarily or for the foreseeable future, technology can either be a time-saver or a burden. Even if your team already uses digital tools, you’ll likely still need to seek out new software that can streamline the remote work process.

With so many things to oversee — from tracking your team’s progress to making sure that everyone is happy at work — doing everything manually is simply ineffective.

Having a proper set of remote work software affords several benefits for your team, from saving precious time to constantly performing at a high level.

With the best technology for working remotely in your arsenal, you can help unlock your team’s potential. To help you get started, we’ve rounded up the 11 best technology solutions for remote workers that will effectively support your vital business functions.

Hubstaff dashboard for productivity time tracking
When you’re first transitioning to remote work, you’ll want an app that can keep track of work hours and progress as easily as it’s done in an office. That’s Hubstaff.

Built by a remote team for remote teams, Hubstaff is a time tracking and work management app built to help teams make the most out of their time, build trust, and provide accountability.

From the lightweight desktop app for Mac, Windows, or Linux (there are web and mobile versions, too), your team can start and stop working with one click as needed throughout the day.

This is especially important as people adjust to remote work and in consideration of the current global mindset. Teams may be more distracted or need to stop working to take care of other issues, and Hubstaff makes it easy to do that.

Hubstaff will automatically record the hours teams work, with accountability features such as app and URL tracking, optional screenshots per user, and idle time reminders for when a team member forgets to stop the timer.

Hubstaff eliminates the need to manually compute for the total time worked by your team, which is a time-consuming and highly unproductive task.

From the dashboard, you can see:

How active your team is at work with keyboard and mouse activity rates
Where work hours are spent per project and task
Your team’s progress over time with random screenshot capturing once, twice, or three times per ten minutes (or turned off altogether)
These productivity features are customizable and can be turned off for each employee. Read our guide on how to implement remote worker monitoring in your company.